The Clarion

Volume 60


Granite Hills High School Newspaper

Welcome to the website for The Clarion

This website will have all of the Issues posted under the "Issues" tab, here, and will also offer other, website-exclusive stories and will have an updated Upcoming Events list for interesting events that may be happening at school. This will also have a form to easily send in Letters to the Editor under the "Letters to the Editor" page, here. You can also view in color photos and video stories on the website. Thank you for taking the time to support the Clarion!

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Upcoming Events:

  • 11.01- Second Grading Period
  • 11.01- Second Clarion Issue!
  • 11.07 to 11.09- Rock of Ages theater performances!
  • 11.11- Veterans Day. NO SCHOOL!
  • 11.14 to 11.16- Rock of Ages theater performances!
  • 11.20- Start Smart! Sign up here.
  • 11.25 to 11.29- Thanksgiving Break. NO SCHOOL!
  • 12.05- Mega Mini Day!
  • 12.11- Choir Winter Concert! Buy tickets here!
  • 12.13- Third Clarion Issue!
  • 12.17 to 12.19- FINAL EXAMS
  • 12.20- End of Semester. NO SCHOOL!
  • 12.23 to 01.03- Winter Break. NO SCHOOL!